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Cloth Diapering
Love the Fluff
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Okay, the top row are GUC mostly because they are not silky soft. 1 & 2 may have diaper cream stains but nothing that affects function. 1 was my first GM and I used it when I wanted to use diaper cream and not worry about stains and stuff. It still functions very well. Second row are EUC, 7-9 being hardly used at all. 6 is apparently a HTF print *shrugs*, 10 and 11 (used maybe once) are BSRB both in EUC (will throw in a set of pins if you want). 12 are BSRB doublers, they feel like the new, thick ones, unused. 13 is a small goodmama doubler, never used. 14 is a set of 5 unused large GM doublers some cotton, most bamboo, I think, also all unused.

The wool, 15 is a pair of small Crankypants. I received them with a small hole in the crotch (I can take a picture if you want) which never affected function for me. $20 ppd. 18 is a S/M pair of longies (but could also be little capris) from Woollybottoms. $16ppd. 20 is a S woollybottoms, some discoloration on the waistband but super cute. $14 ppd.

$145 OBO takes it all. I would really really prefer not to split the diapers up and they're $105 ppd for the whole bunch.

Payment before 5pm central time on Friday ships Friday (well, it gets packed up, labeled and put in the box for the mail lady to take at my office) and payment today will ship out tomorrow morning. I hope that all makes sense.

Thanks for looking! I have feedback all over the place (nolama on etsy, nolama on babycenter swaps, here on lj as veilsofbabylon or askunk (I forget), on ebay as presleysmom504, etc)

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If you'd like better pictures, please let me know. If you'd like pictures of the "damage" on the few things, please let me know.
13th-Jun-2010 05:37 pm - Covers for Sale!
I have some girly and gender neutral (okay, well mostly girly) covers to sell.  If you don't like my prices, make me an offer!

Right this way...Collapse )
20th-Mar-2010 11:41 pm - Preventative maintenance?
I'm due in a week and have assembled a pretty good stash primarily of FuzziBunz. I was talking to a friend today who told me she ended up getting a water softener because they were having so much trouble with hard water build up on their diapers. Since we have pretty hard water and a HE front loader washer, I feel like the possibility of build up is high. What are your recommendations for preventing build up or stopping it before smells/skin issues get out of control? Weekly stripping? Extra cycles? An eye dropper of detergent? I want to try to get into good habits early on if possible.

12th-Mar-2010 12:33 am - A couple of questions...
Thoughtful Kate
Just starting out with the cloth diapering with baby #2 (due shortly). 

I mainly have prefolds, and my question is about the specific diaper cover I have the most of, which is Thirsties.  The washing instructions are kinda vague.  It doesn't list the safe heat settings.  So if anyone uses these, could you please let me know how you wash them?

Secondly: about diaper pails.   Any particular brands or methods ya'll would recommend?  I have heard having some vinegar in the water, but my husband can't stand the smell of vinegar.

Any tips or advice would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!
20th-Feb-2010 11:03 am - Smell
I have bum genius diapers, that we mostly use for overnights. Anyway, some of the inserts are holding the pee smell even after washing following manufacturer's instructions (washing twice with less detergent). I use Charlie's soap and sometimes a tiny bit of (no added scent, no dye) oxyclean powder for washing. The smell comes out if I wash a third or fourth time, but I'd rather not have to do that. Is there a way to get the smell out of these diapers?
4th-Feb-2010 08:57 am(no subject)
short hair 2
Hi everyone! I'm looking to build a stash of cloth and I would love to trade. I trade a few times per month on etsy, where I have a shop, for various things and I love it. I was wondering if there is a good place to post my shop with the items I have available for trade in the hopes of finding somebody who wants to trade for dipes.

I just joined diaperswappers, but I feel kind of overwhelmed by it. I have no idea where and what to post to get started.

Does anybody have advice me? Thanks so much!
16th-Dec-2009 10:36 pm - Diapers
chocolate protection
Okay, I am gearing up to cloth diaper and I would like some opinions on what people's favorite brands are before I shell out a bunch of cash. I'd like to get one size diapers so that I don't have to get new/bigger ones a lot. My four year old weighs 34 lbs and has been potty trained for some time, so anything good up to that weight should work for this one. I've got money to spend now, but things are going to be tight after the baby gets here, so cost is also a factor for me.

I realize there are probably going to be lots of different opinions, but I hope this will at least give me an idea where to start.

Thanks in advance!!
4th-Nov-2009 07:55 am - Aargh!
Tifa DoC
Well, we got back to Japan a few days ago with my new stash of cloth diapers- mostly pockets, and lots of GMs and wool/fleece. While we were in Canada I put our DD in Kawaii double stuffed pockets overnight with no leaks, so I set up her sleeper with one all prepped so my husband could put her in it right after her bath.

Thing is, he put diaper rash cream on her first, which was our usual routine with disposables overnight. :( (They give her a rash without that extra layer of protection.)

So now I have a zinc oxide diaper cream covered diaper. *facepalm* Will it come out in the wash? I'm hesitant to stick it in with my other diapers. They are made with a microsuede similar to BGs. Any advice on how to get it out?
25th-Oct-2009 07:35 pm - Bum Genius Question
Pooka is 8 mos and in BG Organics. She is currently on the second or middle snaps for size. When she is wearing the diaper, you can see her belly button.

Is it time to advance to full size? Have you heard of a child outgrowing Bummies before Toilet training?
24th-Oct-2009 09:16 am - OT - Baby Food

I know that this is off topic for this group, but the other feeding groups that I have found are inactive, so I thought I give this group a shot.

I am making my own baby food. This is working out really well for us. I have two questions:

1. At what age can I give Pooka Pork? It seems that I can't find any info on this.

2. Same question for scrod. My mom thinks that under 1 year is too young, but my book says 9 mos ok.

Any ideas?
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